A clever man solves a problem, a wise man avoids it.
— Albert Einstein

Skylar - Build your own intelligent software assistant

Skylar “the scholar” is a research assistant that lives in your house. The computer program consists of a web interface with speech synthesis and extensions for home automation.

Skylar on timeline

It’s been a long way but determination and hard work gets you everywhere!

description gender language text-to-speech with MaryTTS
Google Calendar
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Neo4j Schema visualization with R

The goal of this tutorial is to generate interactive HTML snippets for a prettier API documentation. »Example API documentation - Spring Data Neo4j«

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Octave/MathLab in HTML with X3DOM

My logo 3D demo you can click and rotate

Process:  MathLab/Octave VRML X3D HTML+X3DOM

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Virtual assistant with Spring Rest and Selenium


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Combine Java and R with rJava

R is a programming language for statistical computing and well known for its capability to plot data. With this minimalistic tutorial you can run R calculations from your Java source code. See this Youtube video for details.

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Write documents with Docbook

As a software engineer I love to work with source code that comes with Unit Tests and a well written documentation. Markdown is surely a good way to write your documents. But sometimes it comes in handy to have a shiny PDF to store offline, send via email or print in high resolution. For those cases Docbook (co-founder O’Reilly Media) is a good solution because it supports different output formats like pdf, epub or html. My project livingfire-docbook shows a easy way to get started with Docbook and alter this example for your own needs. The software can also covert Markdown to Docbook using pandoc and combine multiple Markdown files like a GitLab Wiki into one PDF. In addtion to that you can write UML diagrams in PlantUML and have them rendered into pictures in your book.

See GitHub project page for more information.

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Carpe diem

Sometimes it needs a little wake up call to live your life to the fullest.

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Ride your bike in 6 weeks from Germany to Ireland and back. It’s the best holiday you can ever have!

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Git colored command line

Picture git_ls_colored

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