A clever man solves a problem, a wise man avoids it.
— Albert Einstein

Carpe diem

Sometimes it needs a little wake up call to live your life to the fullest.


  • Poor sight in heavy rain and a car speeding at 160-180 km/h
  • A traffic jam and a motorcycle standing at the end
  • A motorcyclist flying in high altitude over 10m wide
  • A lucky reflex and a Judo Forward Roll
  • Broken bones: Pinkie of the left hand
  • Surgery: Shoulder, pinched nerves in the spine
  • Additional lasting injuries: Tinitus, hearing deficiency

For statistic Geeks

The motorcycle was hit with such force an precision that the rear wheel was punched flat and the swing got stuck under the car. This lead to a upright position of the motorcycle even after the accident. With the swing scratching on asphalt the Audi A3 came to such a rapid stop that it did not roll over the motorcyclist. Which is kind of why you can read this article in the fist place and why you should have another look at the picture above

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