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Dependencies - skylar-client


Electron Linux/Mac/Windows - skylar-client

The desktop client for Skylar is powered by the JavaScript framework Electron developed by GitHub. After building Skylar you can find a Linux and Mac client in electron folder.


# choose linx or mac/darwin
cd $PROJECT/electron/skylar-client-linux-x64

# start client

The client starts hidden so you can put it in the auto-start of Linux/Mac/Windows. Be aware that it will ONLY APPEAR AS A SMALL ICON in your status bar.


Electron seamlessly integrates into your operating system so depending on Linux/Mac/Windows the appearance will vary.

Windows-Electron - skylar-client

You need to generate the Windows program manually. Just install NodeJS


# install
cd $PROJECT/project/skylar-client
npm install
npm run package-win

# get Windows client
cd build-electron/skylar-client-win32-ia32

Hint: The Windows program can be generated on Linux/Mac/Windows. Just generating inside a Docker-Container like the Skylar installation will result in an error.